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Animation has been developed by the fast tempo of the progress in technology and science. Phenakistoscope was a technique created before the development of the cartoon based pictures. Phenakistoscope included uncomplicated drawings going concurrently giving the effect of animation. With this procedure, someone could create various animated characters. Nonetheless, this technique vanished towards the end of twenty first century. New procedures were introduced which resulted in the progress of animation graphics that were established. Slowly animation enhanced to greater heights and several professional disciplines use this technique to impart knowledge or express thoughts. With the introduction of computer animation, films or many pictures have been created with great visual effects.

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There were many types of cartoon graphics that evolved with the progress of computer technology. The development of software and the altered computer technology boosted the increase of the animation business. Two dimensional computer graphics developed which refers to the digital images generated by computer. This type of graphics has been developed from conventional printing. These images give more control over the picture. The two dimensional graphics was introduced in 1950s. Afterward computer technology introduced 3D cartoon in 1970s with the first screen of computer images Furtureworld.

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William Fetter coined the term computer images in 1960. These graphics are technologically complex and use a three dimensional rendering of geometric data. This type of cartoon images that were based has undergone great change over the years. Techniques and many tools have developed and changed cartoon. There’s cel-shaded or toon shading images that designs the animation. In students clipart morph target, the vertex goes to different places in each key frame. Skeletal graphics can be used to create the human characters in cartoon. This form is frequently used by gaming or movie industry. These are a few most complex kinds of cartoon which are useful for various professions. п»ї

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For making presentations and reports it is used. Movie and gambling industry has evolved greatly over the years. In naval field, it is used for preparing models of boats. In medical area or astronomy, it can be used for describing techniques and different notions.

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